Laser Services

Body Contouring

Using radiofrequency (RF) energy technology to heat the body tissue and shrink the fat cells, this treatment is all about addressing that stubborn fat. This procedure is best done on areas with cellulite or the arms, the back of the legs, and abdomen. For optimal results 6-8 treatments are necessary, with treatments every week, maintenance varies by person.

ReFit (Skin Tightening)

The ultimate solution for loose skin after excessive weight loss and minimizing those pesky lines on the face that are difficult to remove with injectables. This treatment targets the upper and lower layer of the skin to tighten all the skin layers. This treatment is best on nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, abdomen, arms, and legs. For best results 8-12 treatments are required, with each treatment every 2-4 weeks.

ReLift (Face Contouring)

Known as the “noninvasive facelift”, this treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to reduce the fat layer and tighten the skin on the neck and face. This treatment combines body contouring and skin tightening technology to achieve the most dramatic results. For best results 9-12 treatments are required with a treatment every week

Photofacial with IPL

This treatment uses intense pulsed light to emit wavelengths into the skin to reverse sun damage, even out facial color, tighten skin, reduce pore size, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen and elastin production, and improve facial contour.  Results are best seen 2 weeks post procedure, for best results monthly treatments are recommended

IPL Focused Treatment

This treatment can be focused on areas such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, vascular lesions, telangiectasia (tiny red vessels around the nose), and rosacea. For best results 6 treatments are recommended, with each treatment monthly.

Acne Clearance

Using blue light technology, this treatment directly targets acne causing bacteria, destroying the acne and tightening the pores to help improve skin texture. Treatments are required twice a week for 5 weeks to achieve clear skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Using Viora’s patented technology to produce long term reduction of unwanted hair on lip and chin. For long-lasting hair reduction 6 treatments are recommend with 6 weeks between each treatment.